The French Slavonic Republic also known French Volynia or simply Volynia is French controlled area in Eastern Europe. It was formed out of the Treaty of Lviv along with Lemberg and Úsgorod. Since its formation on the 21st of October 2020, huge efforts to "Europeanise" the region have gone underway. Out of the three Slavonic republics, the Europeanisation efforts in Volynia have been the most successful. Ukrainian language and culture have been banned since 2021 and

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Out of the three Slavonic states, French Volynia has had the most successful Europeanisation effort. On the 1st of January 2021, the French government introduced a program known as Le programme d'intégration culturelle (Cultural integration programme) which aimed at replacing Ukrainian language, law and culture with French language, law and culture. The first stage of the programme began in February with a pact with Poland. In exchange for a 5 year payment, Poland agreed to take in 800,000 Ukrainians from the region. It received much criticism from other EU members especially Germany who threatened to ban France from the EU. The second stage began the following year in April 2022 when over the course of 3 years, over 500,000 French citizens moved to the region. This caused a huge shift in demographics. Today, Ukrainians make up only about one third of the population and are forced to live in impoverished ghettos on the outskirts of cities such as Lousk.